Original Publication Year: 1997

When Louis Farrakhan organized the Million Man March to Washington in 1995, it was obvious to some that his primary mission behind the March was to use it as a catalyst to promote the Nation of Islam and that his black-unity message was merely a smoke screen. This revelation was met with certain opposition. A number of black people, many of them Christians, turned a deaf ear to anything said about Farrakhan and the "Nation" that was unfavorable. However, several of those same people were not aware that Farrakhan follows the teachings of the late Elijah Muhammad (first successor to the founder of the  Nation of Islam) who wrote a book titled: Message to the Blackman in America, and that in his book, Elijah Muhammad basically says that Christianity is nothing more than a "black-slave-making religion" and that Islam is the "natural religion" of the black man. In light of this, the Million Man March was not so much an arena for black unity as it was an arena for a religious recruiting effort on the part of the "Nation."

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