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Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Christians are not exempt from this statistic. In my book, "For Christians who are Seriously Dating or Would Like to Be," I explain that part of the problem is that most couples do not find out, until they are married, which areas in life they and their spouse are non-compatible in.

It is psychologically and socially more difficult to break off an engagement than it is to break off a dating relationship. Therefore, couples should begin asking certain questions before getting engaged in an effort to determine whether or not there is enough compatibility to move the relationship further. "For Christians who are Seriously Dating or Would Like to Be" presents nine areas of compatibility and provides the questions that need to be asked as it pertains to each of those areas. The book is a "compatibility Journal." After each question, there is space for the reader to write down the answers that his or her significant other has given.

The book is specifically geared towards adult Christians and includes questions in the following areas of compatibility: religious beliefs, lifestyle, ex-spouses, family and friends, children, work/finances/money, division of labor in the home, sex and sex appeal, and personality. Questions that help reveal whether or not a person might have a tendency towards domestic violence are also included. The book is most effective when used as an enhancement in pastoral or ministerial premarital counseling but can also stand alone as a self-help book.

Although the book is targeted towards Christians, the general public will also find it useful. And although the book is designed for the pre-engagement stage of dating, those who are engaged will find it beneficial as well.

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